Trauma treatment

Often profound events or tragic events shatter our sense of security and make us feel helpless, alone, fearful, angry, sad, hurt or guilt and vulnerable can cause long-lasting emotional and psychological trauma.

Trauma can be caused by a one-off event, sustained relentless stress, childhood abuse (emotional, sexual and physical) and other acts or periods of abuse, such as rape or abusive relationships. To compel matters the nature of trauma is such that the more helpless the event makes you feel, the more likely you are to be traumatised by it.

Traumas can affect both your physical and emotional health over time, and in some cases, you may be unaware that an earlier trauma in your life is causing problems today. In these cases, through hypnotherapy, we can access and process it for the relief its effects.

We understand how horrible that can be, and the truth is that no amount of hypnotherapy or counselling can help unless the root cause of the trauma is dealt with.

Our hypnotherapy for trauma sessions are specifically designed to deal with trauma you may have suffered in the past and may be suffering now. Through hypnosis, we work with you to allow you to reconcile the event and move beyond it.

How can I help?

My hypnotherapy for trauma sessions in Bryanston, Gauteng is gentle, sensitive and caring. I understand that the events and experiences that have led you to us are likely to still be very raw, no matter how long in the past they occurred.

Using hypnotherapy, I work with you on a subconscious level to heal the parts of you that experienced the shock and pain of trauma and by releasing and clearing the toxic and frightening messages you received. By utilizing specific hypnosis techniques, we can dissipate its power, while at the same time you’ll be able to maintain what’s been learned from it, allowing you to move on with your life as a strong and self-assured adult.

It’s a choice to no longer be a victim of your past and create the life you fully deserve. And it goes without saying, of course, that everything you share with me is treated with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.