Spiritual Health Issues

What is Spirit Possession?

Spirit possession is real and does exist.

It is a full or partial “assault” by a discarnate being on a living human. The being acting out the assault or attack may not have ever experienced a physical life. ​

Spirit de-possession is the process of releasing entities attached to or residing within living people

This can be done remotely (from a distance), or in person
Remote de-possession / exorcism can be done without the conscious knowledge of the person we are working on to cleanse and clear them

Entities and negative energies / forces are classified in various degrees of influence they have on a physical form / person. They are able to have varying degrees of light to extreme influence over their host. These can be described from a gentle – mild or overwhelming energy drain to almost total possession (which is extremely rare).

What Is A Spirit Attachment?

The terms Spirit Attachment, Spirit Possession or Entity Attachment are all the same. It refers to an entity or spirit attaches itself to a human being.

The entity becomes what is known as a parasite. This parasite to the host causes disorders and illnesses that are biologically illogical for the host.

Various forms of physical, mental or emotional upsets / stress can leave you vulnerable to these unwelcomed opportunist negative energies which attach at a subtle vibrational level and can then go onto influence your health, personality and even your behaviour. A Lost Soul has the possibility of bringing physical symptoms it experienced at the time of its death.

How can I help?

What Is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release Therapy is the process used to release attachments from living people, this is conducted through various means possible. Some require more work than others as there are various levels of Spirit Releasing.

Spirit Release is different to exorcism, it is non-confrontational, and transformation is achieved through negotiation.

The process that can be done in person or from a distance. We also offer this as a proxy for the person / host when they are unable to come in for a session. This is possible as everything that exists is energy.

Spirit Release is a therapy practised and effective by hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, mental health professionals and even energy healers who have found it effective where other methods have failed.

Tapping into a person’s energetic field requires much skill and best conducted by a well knowledgeable practitioner. It is this reason I offer this service as much skill, understanding, knowledge and wisdom is required when conducting and performing Spirit Release.

I am highly trained in releasing these negative attachments which may have been preventing you from moving forward with your life. We transform lives as we set you free from their influences and control over you and your life. The entities are transformed so they are unable to return to you. Ask for help and assistance and reach out we are here for you.

What Is Spirit de-possession / exorcism?

In the Releasement / de-possession / exorcism process, darkness is transformed into the golden light and entities, spirits, and other energies are released to their appropriate place in the Divine Light for their own evolution of ascension.

We invoke the power of love so the entities on their path to evolution experience love and are guided to their ascension. From that state they are unable to go back to their old ways.