Fix my mind

A plane, a spider, open spaces or closed spaces.  If you have a phobia, these and many more things can stop you in your tracks.

A phobia is defined as an irrational fear, it is an intense and irrational fear of something, someone, a place or situation which interferes, disrupts and restricts an individual’s life. The most common ones I deal with are the fear of flying, heights, spiders, snakes, birds, various other animals, and social phobias.

Anyone who suffers from a phobia knows how debilitating it can be

It’s essential to treat phobias through professional help because otherwise they are left to grow and gain in power – and when that happens, most phobic sufferers will simply avoid the situations in which they feel anxious.

How can I help?

With my hypnotherapy for phobias treatment it’s possible to help you unlearn & stop your phobic response once and for all and turn the fear and the resulting behaviour pattern on its head, so your phobia becomes a thing of the past.

We work to clear the irrational beliefs or perceptions that cause the phobia so that you can be free of fear.