LGBT - Lesbian - Gay - Bi-Sexual - Transgender Issues

How we form, develop and maintain our intimate relationships relies on different dynamics, behaviours and beliefs, many of which are formed at an early age and which often remain unchanged as we transition into adulthood.

Our deeply-held beliefs around love, sex and relationships are how our brains have become wired and our outdated beliefs and a flawed approach to self-love can often lead to negative issues and behaviours relating to love, sexuality and pleasure.

A person’s sexual orientation or gender identity may not always be the reason for distress. People who are identified as gay, bisexual transgender, curious or any other type of non-conforming sexual or gender identity often find the social stigma is a source of stress or anxiety.

How can I help?

Changing entrenched negative or outdated beliefs can be difficult because we are emotionally tied to them and they form the default setting we revert to when we’re faced with a challenging experience or relationship and we need to find a way to cope.

I work with both and individuals and couples who would like to explore love, intimacy, sex and dysfunction to reconnect with each other restore a balance for a more fulfilling sexual vision.

During our sessions, we will explore feelings, thoughts and behaviours helping you talk openly about your sexual identity. I will help you find ways of identifying the problem and give space to be curious about your sexuality, by using effective techniques and tools to help you uncover and dissolve subconscious blocks to create new neural pathways leading to deep transformation in the areas of self-love, relationships and sexuality.

Dr John Souglides sessions include a range of techniques and tools that will:

  • Encourage you to talk about sex
  • Discover what sex means to you
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Allow you to understand that conflict is growth.
  • Enable body awareness and allow you to understand how it works
  • Enhance your sexual vision
  • Help couples stay together
  • Encourage confidence.

I offer a confidential space for you to explore and understand your own blueprint for relationships, love and sex.