Addictions can differ enormously. From alcohol and drug dependence to addictions such as sex, pain, stealing, abuse, work, gambling or pornography, our hypnotherapy for addiction in Gauteng has achieved amazing results for our clients. read more


We know how miserable it is to suffer from anxiety and stress, that state of always feeling on edge or panicked, unable to relax or rationalise how you feel. read more

Confidence & Self Esteem

As we go through life, we all experience moments or times when our confidence tales a knock and our self-esteem plummets. read more


Here at Dr John Souglides Hypnotherapy, I know just how debilitating depression is and if you, or someone you know, has been suffering with it for a while, it’s likely you’ll have been searching hard for answers and for a solution. read more


A plane, a spider, open spaces or closed spaces.  If you have a phobia, these and many more things can stop you in your tracks.  read more

Personal Development

Whether you’re looking for more focus and discipline in your day-to-day existence, or you’re aiming to completely transform the way you think about life, hypnotherapy is a safe and reliable method of treatment for a great many problems, including those of an emotional or personal nature. read more


We’ve all got habits – those idiosyncratic ‘tics’ that are such a part of us.  Some habits are harmless and have no great effect on our lives. But others can be intrusive, unpleasant or socially unacceptable. read more

Physical Pain

We live in a society riddled with disease, stress and anxiety and as a result we’ve come to believe that if pills and potions don’t work then pain is something we have to put up with as an accepted part of life. read more


Often profound events or tragic events shatter our sense of security and make us feel helpless, alone, fearful, angry, sad, hurt or guilt and vulnerable can cause long-lasting emotional and psychological trauma. read more


While we supposed to live in the here and now, we all wander into the past or future. Our memory and imagination vary greatly from person to person. read more

Inner Child Therapy

In each one of us irrespective of our age is the inner child. It is the innocence, the purity, Angelic form, wise old soul, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, telepathic, joyous, a mind of our own, virgins, unlimited, and fearless with a heart of gold.  read more

Spiritual Health Issues

Spiritual Hypnosis is all about solving the mystery of life, connecting to the desires and intentions of your Soul so that you break through blocks and barriers and finding your purpose in life. read more