Corporate Wellness

I coach clients to tap into their potential by facilitating their journey through their issues of concern. Sessions and workshops are effective in reducing stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, addictions – food, work, substances, confidence, and leadership roles.

The techniques used specifically utilised for self development within the corporate environment leading to increased productivity, working smart, solution finding to problems, stress reduction, building better relationships.

The power of your unconscious mind with the combination of hypnosis assist in changing limiting beliefs that underpin your unwanted state. In corporate wellness we focus on issues associated to the work environment and the skills and abilities that require to be implemented for positive outcomes.

Taylor made sessions and training available to help you along your individual path :

  • Better relationships
  • Corrective work / life / adventure balance
  • Effective organization and time management
  • Heightened individual / team effectiveness
  • Increased self-confidence, self esteem
  • Leadership / win-win
  • Wider career promotions / opportunities