Hypnotherapy is a natural and easy way that uses specific guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state within trance states of awareness known as hypnosis. Research shows how hypnotherapy can promote healthy positive behaviours.

I have specialized specific hypnotherapy nm techniques to achieve a balanced, optimum mental, emotional and physical health. I utilise the merged disciplines of hypnosis, life coaching and word programming to assist individuals and their families to reach their desired life styles and their full potential.

Hypnotherapy supports your focus on positive healthy changes. I am there to assist all my clients with time tested hypnosis tools and fundamental practices resulting in the balanced lifestyle they are seeking.

Individual Services

I am a professional dedicated to providing my clients the opportunity to experience positive change in their lives through  the various options of hypnotherapy nm. read more

Corporate Wellness

I coach clients to tap into their potential by facilitating their journey through their issues of concern. Sessions and workshops are effective in reducing stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, addictions – food, work, substances, confidence, and leadership roles. read more


Mentoring is a system assisting others through sharing of semi-structured guidance. The mentor shares their general and specific knowledge, skills and experience to others which assists them progress in their own lives and careers. read more

Training / Coaching

Training offers the services of transferring knowledge. Coaching is about enhances knowledge / skills development. read more