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Dr John Souglides Systems & Solutions (DJSS&S)
All of the Souglides range of products contain all natural ingredients as nature intended for us. All products are developed by DJSS&S, a research since the 90's and development based in Africa.

Researching the influence of micro, macro and other energetic forms and the influence they have on the human anatomy, nature and Tachyon Energetic formulations. There is also ongoing research being conducted on the behaviour of Tachyon Energy, how it influences states of consciousness within the various body systems.

Further studies continue and are being conducted on the influence these energy systems have beyond this reality / dimension including the Universal Force Fields of Self Activated Healing processes within the vastness of Tachyon Fields.

What are Tachyons?

Tachyons are subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light and beyond. These particles infuse with physical matter with spiritual light and sound frequencies. Dr John Souglides Ph.D. has been working with Tachyon Energy since the 90’s, he has created a system of formulas which are able to be utilised within specific environments and products.

The technological term for or process is called Tachionization, this infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of Tachyons. This process permanently changes the quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. During this process chemical composition is not altered, the change happens on a subatomic level. It reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system by decreasing the entropy of physical matter.

Tachyonizing process

Tachyons are all around us, they are in space and time, they are found from outer space where there is boundless energy. Tachyon Energy is superior in space, it is limited here on earth due to specific factors, negatively influencing this planets electromagnetic energy or chi / life force matrixes.

The techniques, devices and formulas are in good hands of the Spiritual Scientists who support the workings of Dr John Souglides. These collective are located at trusted locations, the details are propriety.

Souglides Advanced Tachyonizing is it permanent or short lived?

When something is Souglides Advanced Tachyonized it is for life, it is not possible to remove Souglides Advanced Tachyons once Tachyon is present even if exposed to heat, weather, magnetic field, radiation or chemicals.

Souglides range of products are a good choice for wellness, Specifically designed for effectiveness and improving the quality of life. Souglides range of products are not able to be misused, they are designed to removing the causes of many dis-eases causing diseases and imbalances within body-mind-spirit. Souglides quality offers you improvement of your well being and accelerates your unique inherent self healing processes.


The Souglides processing and developing research is entirely safe under the guidance of Dr John Souglides Ph.D. Tachyon energy does not hinder life, it is not radioactive, and it does not deplete life force as it is life force from nature and the Universe.

Side effects?

The Souglides range of products assist with triggering a purification process resulting in a detoxification. This process may last a couple of days or weeks with some mild side effects. These can be displayed in the form of requiring more water, slight headaches, and sleepiness if you have been deprived in the past. When this occurs you know the detox is getting in deep, to assist the process it is recommended to drink clean fresh water, perhaps much more than you may be use to