Strengthening the connection

As South Africa is currently in a prolonged nationwide lockdown to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are experiencing heightened feelings of Stress, anxiety and a sense of isolation

While these feelings are completely understandable, for those of us already struggling with mental and emotional health disorders it is now more important than ever to keep up with treatment.

How can I assist you?

As a Healthcare Service Provider and a registered member of EPASA all health care services are exempt from the national lock-down as stated in the Disaster Management act 2002, and as such may:

  • Drive to his/her practice and consult with clients / patients
  • Drive to suppliers to buy supplies, subject to safety regulations
  • Drive to patients to consult and provide health care at the patient’s premises in case of emergencies

Alternatively, should you prefer a regular session at my offices, a valid letter travel of travel can be issued to you.

Whether you are helping a friend, or need help yourself, you can always call Dr John Souglides on 062 003 3545 or via WhatsApp between 9am – 5pm.


John Souglides - Lock-Down Cert

Please Note: Original unedited documents are available on request.