Wonderful steps to healthier eating

Wonderful steps to healthier eating

Food is :

- associated to our relationship it

- associated to our comfort and circumstances related to it

- it is an emotional one

- we can't rationalise our way out of some of our decisions about food

Hypnotherapy assists us with our relationship with food, it allows us to understand the issues associated to food, the way we eat it, how we enjoy it, what we like about how it is presented to us.

Hypnotherapy assists us in understanding ourselves in the sense of how it soothes our state of stress and emotional charges and why we have a reaction to it. It allows us to become healthier by choosing the food best suitable for us and the best options for life.

Something to keep in mind when looking at food and how we relate to it:

  • Serve yourself veggies and salads first

  • Serve vegetable / plant protein second

  • Try stay away from animal protein (check with your MD), as a plant based diet is known to be healthier

  • Serve carbohydrates last

  • Serve for yourself as you are likely to take what you need this can be approximately 18-20% less

  • Check your serving size if this is what you need or is your eye on the food greater than what you really need, there are seconds so take your time

  • The smaller the serving can result in 10-15% less when you serve yourself

  • Size of plates are another important aspect of healthy eating

  • Choose a darker shade plate as this allow the carbohydrates to be enhanced resulting in 10-15% less food on your plate / bowl

  • When eating on your own eat at the table away from the TV, computers, work, savour and enjoy

  • Eat a mouthful after you have chewed your food for 25-30 times before swallowing

  • Eat with opposite hands this way you will eat slower and think about your food and how you are feeding yourself

  • You can even eat with smaller cutlery

  • Keep snacks only as part of additions to your food and not just when you see them to help yourself

  • Keep the healthy food in plain sight in the fridge so you don’t forget them

  • Approximately 5-6 versions of protein easily accessible to you (preferably veg protein i.e. chia, hemp seeds, almonds etc)

Change unhealthy habits of snaking with doing meaningful things like visiting friends, sport (check with your MD), socialising events, massages, productive heartfelt things that stimulate your joy, love and laughter

Find you qualified hypnotherapist to assist you become healthier and life full of joy, laughter, wealth and prosperity in health