Weight loss continued…

Changes from within allows your life on the outside to flourish

Body confidence

It is best if you are overweight or obese to lose weight for your health, don’t feel depressed or down about it. Being emotionally low about it does not get you anywhere, you are a winner when you put yourself first.

Society has dictated how you should look they cant tell you how to feel, only you can do that for yourself. The most important person in your life is you, take care of yourself first. Society has motivated “quick fixes” like diet pills, surgery, crash diets, extreme exercise regimes to look fit and healthy, one thing most over look, is what is going on inside mentally and emotionally.

Hypnosis replaces the emotional and mental stress with motivation, feel good, addresses the issues that brought you to a breaking point and eases you out of the limitations. It allows you to allow yourself to love yourself, something so many cant do or simply don’t know how to do. With hypnosis the journey of self love opens so many positive avenues for you, it is a point of no return, you simply evolve. When love evolves within you you know and understand deep inside you are alive.

Losing your weight and keeping it off without hypnosis is torture as you can easily fall into habits that created the space for you to be and live unhealthy. If the emotions are not addressed correctly and dealt with weight loss becomes a yoyo effect. When you make the emotional and mentl load lighter you become lighter in mind-emotion-spirit-body.

Hypnotherapy is so powerful it allows you if you are allowing to elevate yourself beyond your perceived ideas about something. Some are the perfect shape and body slaving away in the gym, yet are empty on the inside, depressed, angry, unlovable. Any emotion that has a covert stress on you requires to be addressed for your own liberation and freedom, for peace of mind.

A healthy body has a healthy mind has been taught, it is the other way round, when the mind is free everything is possible.

Why can't you lose weight?

As discussed there are issues pertaining to weight loss not achieved successfully. The fat acts as a protection layer/s. This could also be when a person over extends themselves and need to tone down, over taxed stress levels, doing to much for others and not much if any for themselves, surrounded by events and people who are negative, past or present abuses, unhealthy boundaries, unable to say no, weak organ function, low levels of stress threshold.

Hypnotherapy exposes the reasons why a person feels the way they do about themselves. Hypnotherapy makes breakthroughs where other techniques struggle. Medication simply masks the true issue, when we address mind we change the chemical reaction and the outcome.

Reasons for being unable to lose weight and keep it off:

You comfort eat

You eat mindlessly

You ban food

You don't exercise enough

Exercise is just as important as diet when it comes to losing weight. Sometimes mental blocks can stop us wanting to exercise, including:

convincing yourself you'll start tomorrow

feeling a lack of energy

feeling too self-conscious to exercise in public

not wanting to sweat

How does hypnosis work with weight loss?

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly utilised for weight loss and accepted more and more as a solution to weight loss and other. It is recognised as beneficial in all avenues in life especially for health related. People are still sceptical about hypnosis until they try it, to only realise hey wish they started earlier.

When you in hypnosis / hypnotic trance you are not :


forced to reveal your deepest darkest secrets

have your memory erased

Hypnotherapy will not be exploited by your hypnotherapist

out of control

told to do anything you don't want to do

What happens during hypnosis for weight loss?

Your hypnotherapist is essentially your coach. You are guided to a deep state of relaxation to achieve your goal.

Once your body-mind are relaxed just like the state of daydream or trance state, your hypnotherapist will access your unconscious mind (MIND). The unconscious mind is the part that does not rest it works all the time where your i.e. innate instincts and survival mechanisms.

Carefully worded scripts are utilised for the session to discover the reason for over eating and replace them with powerful life giving suggestions. What does not resonate with you you can reject and keep only those suggestions you find suitable for your goal.

The hypnotherapist is the guide the facilitator in you reaching your goals the quickest and most successful way.

Over time – it is best to do a series of weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, this is best as your negative programming may be deep or generational. You will learn how to replace your negative habits and eating patterns with positive live giving ones suggested by your hypnotherapist.

Will hypnotherapy work for me if I want to lose weight?

This is a very common question and important one. It is best to try it yourself and see what you get from it. It works differently for everyone, this is due to the life experiences of the individual, what have they experienced in their lives, what limitations do they have locked inside them. There are various reason for weight gain, they are best to be investigated to discover the best and most effective way forward in reaching the acquired goal.

Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy used with a healthy eating plan and if possible an exercise plan. If the eating plan and exercise plan is desirable then speak to your doctor. Usually a combined effort is successful.