Suicidal thoughts can they be silenced?

What is Hypnosis, Why Should I Try It?

In life we experience different situations resulting in different experiences, these can make us happy or sad. At times we do not understand why we feel a certain way about what has been said, what is going or how we have reacted towards another. There are times in our lives things can go wrong, emotions can be so over charged we don’t realise there may be anger, fear or depression we are experiencing. Trauma can cut us out of ourselves where we can feel numb, empty and detached.

Relationship death: loss of a loved one - loss of job – home – relationship – business – reduced income – insecurity can cause feelings of anxiety and worry. Any break down of a relationship I classify as relationship death can cause a person to feel unworthy or unlovable. These feelings can last longer than realised and linger deep inside even long after a person has forgotten about the experience, depending on the circumstances and the person experiencing it. It will lesson as time passes, if not dealt with in freeing you it stays as a ingrained negative consciousness, it can be passed on generation after generation.

The above examples can trigger off depression which may require the investigation and intervention of either medically or alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy. Depression of various degrees can be a ones off or occurrence as a direct result of the presenting problem, when address it can be resolved resulting in the person moving on with their life.

There are individuals who are susceptible to depression and experience recurring bouts of it throughout their entire life, unfortunately this can also rub on the partner or family especially when there is no understanding and a motion for support and a form of good therapy. Depression does not only affect the individual it also affects those around them especially those close to them.

There can be no specific reason a person is aware of that that will set off depression; there is a trigger that will activate this reaction – cause and effect. It is unsettling as they will never know when this feeling will be triggered. Often if left unaddressed it can lead to suicidal thoughts which dominate the person’s entire passing moment, awake or asleep. A person experiencing suicidal thoughts may only think about doing it. They seldom have any plan of action as they feel guilty to leave a loved one behind or a maternal responsibility. It should always be taken seriously when this has been revealed or identified as it is a very serious as the person is in constant turmoil mentally and emotionally.

A person that always seems happy and full of life may be disguising their true feelings, emotional cosmetics create the illusion all is well, the brave face which laughs, smiles and laughs. The issue with society they have a belief system let the past be the past and forget about it. If issues are not dealt with in a way that deals with the deep hidden negative consciousness, this becomes a platform for other issues to be magnified as a collective; these can become triggers for deeper levels contributing to depression. Everything that hinders you deep inside comes with a price, drained mentally and emotionally influencing physical exhaustion.

Those who experience suicidal thoughts struggle with the recurring inner voice/s telling them they are not good enough or they are best to end their lives. When these thoughts increase and become louder, the person becomes quite and unobtrusively withdrawn from everyday situations. The find any excuse to cancel social meetings, if they are to purchase groceries for the family they will go when there are least amount of people around to also avoid seeing someone they know. When meeting people they express all is well, they fine, conversations are short as they fantasise of wishing they were dead as they feel very uncomfortable. Guilt rushes through their minds how they wish they could be dead but how can they do that to the people they love and care for, even a pet may increase guilt as to how will they leave their pet alone and will someone be able to look after the pet as well as they can. They have their death plan to the finest detail and fantasise about it, whilst filled with the deepest unspeakable guilt of contemplating such a horrible inconceivable thought.

Anyone who experiences this recurrence of energetic charge may easily learn to recognise the reoccurring signs just as they are initiated leading to the depressive mode. Instead of acting on it and speak to someone or seek assistance by a qualified professional, they usually leave it in desperation it will pass. One course of action is being medicated the other is hypnotherapy.

Antidepressants can carry side effects like broken sleep and suicidal thoughts which make one insecure and fearful of this being possible. It is very important to read the leaflet / information first. Always understand the side effects and always be vigilant.

A non-intrusive form of assistance is hypnosis, it is safe with no side effects and the results are positive and beneficial in a short time frame. Hypnotherapy relaxes the person which is always beneficial in itself. The hypnotherapist addresses the issues at hand, working on the persons subconscious mind (MIND) to get to the root challenging the person. By working in the subconscious we bypass the conscious mind; from there the therapist encourages the subconscious mind to follow the positive life giving avenues to a healthier state of mind. The therapist cannot change the past experience; however they can elevate you past the limitations where you feel absolutely amazing about yourself and your life.

It is always recommended to have several sessions and a top up session/s as each past experience presents other challenges. The way to look at it once you have dealt with the past correctly and professionally it frees you for keeps. This is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to yourself, freedom is your birthright.

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that”. – Robin Williams