Public Speaking

Public Speaking

It can be extremely stressful at the thought of standing in front of a crowd pf people making a speech usually makes most break into a sweat. This arises from fear of public speaking and is a common one, more and more people are under pressure to perform and succeed.

In these times people are finding themselves less and less in public situations as they work from home or from offices miles away from their clients or even their work office, utilise platforms from their computers or other devices, there is less physical interaction and less likely to be found in public situations. Most of the free time is spent in the comfort of our own homes or online. Within the work environment more people are accessing and utilising email, conference calls, webinars and online hangouts, with this increase there is rarely to stand in front of a group or mass of an audience. Being comfortable in these environments is easily accepted and welcomed, however if a public speaking event or situations do come up, understandably we can feel anxious and some may be overwhelmed with freezing up.

Anxiety has a variety of levels, they can develop into phobia, this type of phobia is known as glossophobia (Greek - fear of speaking). Within this blog we are looking at how hypnotherapy can build up confidence for public speaking.

Glossophobia - fear of public speaking It is rooted in social anxiety and a phobia known as social phobia. The social speaking is a public one, there is an audience that will be paying attention and even scrutinising every word you speak, they will listen to every word you say and some may even challenge you for a better understanding or to debate the lack of understanding. Glossophobia arises from a fear of being judged, fear increases when there is pressure of failing yourself, it is also usually triggered by many people having their eyes and attention on you and collectively dissecting everything you say. This, combined with doubts over your ability to deliver can feel overwhelming. Fear of public speaking is common and another blow to confidence levels can be reinforced when one makes mistakes. Even if one small mistake is given when speaking, the minds tend to focus in on this, justifying the fear/s.

Symptoms may include:

  • avoiding situations creating pressure
  • avoiding you may be required to speak in front of a group/s
  • dry mouth
  • feelings of panic when asked to speak publicly
  • increased heart rate/palpitations
  • nausea
  • shaking

It is natural to experience some form of anxiety when asked and knowing you are going to speak in public, this is perfectly expected until you use to it. If your anxiety is overwhelming and you find it limits and restricts you from achieving your goals and successes, you should consider seeking help. It is important to know that any fear of speaking is not limited to only the public and crowded arena. Those who struggle with glossophia may often be found withdrawing from a number of social situations where they feel pressurised. Examples of these are job interviews, asking for directions, speaking to employers – employees – customers or even a simple request of asking for directions. This is a phobia that can affect everyday life.

It's important to note that a fear of public speaking isn't limited to making speeches in front of a crowd. Those with glossophobia may withdraw from a number of social situations, such as asking for directions, attending job interviews and speaking to shop assistants. Therefore it is a phobia that can affect day-to-day life.

Can hypnotherapy help?

As with most phobias you can’t just relax and expect it all too just go away, glossophobia isn't something you can control consciously. People always jump to having the answer and usually will tell you to just relax and take it easy, this is not good advice as one tends to listen attentively and then the reality sets in that advise is not all to helpful and then you go into overdrive or feel lost as you have little to control your symptoms. This stems from a rooted based symptoms you experience stem from your unconscious.

With hypnotherapy we look for the core issue, we work with your unconscious to find out and even explore deeper to where the root of your anxiety comes from, this may be something you are unaware of or even a generational issue. Usually and so often it arises from the misinformation gathered from a past experience. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool in assisting us in identifying and utilising suggestions via suggesting empowering techniques in correcting any misinformation. The mind and subconscious mind are both extremely powerful in their own right, as they say “Never underestimate the power of the mind and never underestimate the power of suggestion.”

Suggestion and visualisation are friends in fact they work hand in hand with in instilling positive thinking for positive outcomes. Visualisation techniques have variations in the intensity of manifestation, the more powerful the technique the more profound the outcome. Variations in techniques occur when we apply the correct principles and actions. Positive processes instil positive thinking. These assist feel calm and collected when you are required to speak in public.

Fear and your fearing mind The charged emotions when we experience fear, impacts our minds, body and spirit as they tend to work to work against us. The process results in an influx of automatic, negative thoughts and thought processes that feed into our sense of self-doubt, self worth, self confidence, self value and worthiness.

Healing of any situation is awareness, when we have 90% awareness we only require 10% action. Becoming aware of our thoughts and reassuring ourselves through being mindful and nurturing to ourselves and speaking to ourselves with love and kindness is a great first step in managing fear of public speaking. Fear is like a demon it robs you of your potential and your life force, it makes the mind behave differently where logic and reason is all but forgotten.

This happens by distorting reality and fixating on the negative. Some fears are good as they assist us in not repeating the same situation knowing the outcome thus avoiding the reoccurrence. This fear we are discussing is fear that requires addressing so the fear is no longer impacting life and living.

Reality distortion Fear if not addressed robs you of so much as it has a habit of distorting reality. You may think "If I forget my lines, subject matter, words, everyone will laugh at me and I'll lose their respect, they will always remember me as a joke a no body, a failure, a laughing stock." In reality however, it is highly unlikely that this would happen as everyone consciously or unconsciously knows public speaking requires much more than just reading or speaking. If you were to lose track of what you were saying, had a blank moment, needed to review your notes it is far more likely that everyone would simply wait for you to remember. And even if some people did judge you, this wouldn't affect your life. Always remember everyone is not perfect they all have their own issues, see beyond the cover, everyone has a fear or two that is hostile to their lives.

Intense fear and anxiety often causes one to lose their balance and perspective, most have thoughts their lives will be over if it doesn't go perfectly. A good way to resolve this insecurity is asking yourself if this will all matter in a year, five or even twenty years from now? Truth is it won’t and never will as people move on, every one usually grows and matures and life is all about perception and deception. Don’t allow your mind to deceive you in thinking you bound to something forever, life always moves on.

Fixating on negativity When the mind is comfortable it easily is active in the repetitive cycle. Negativity is easier to follow especially when it is being reminded to stay alive and thus resulting in holding you back. Thinking and holding onto negativity reinforces negativity another common behaviour of the mind when it feels fear is to focus on the negative. Negativity is like a prison and a limitation which affects all other areas in ones life. A frightening experience increases the heart rate, tightness of chest, tightness of aura into a shrinking state.

When one defuses the mind of negative charges like a fear of something the mind accepts the positiveness and positive outcomes ripple into your life’s successes. Hypnotherapy shifts you and once you start your own journey you can only go forward with vitality, wellness, and feeling full of life, pep, vigour and vitality, feeling absolutely awesome. Hypnotherapy shifts ones negative experiences to positive life giving experiences. Hypnotherapy is a journey and a well rewarding one when you are committed to it.

Hypnosis for public speaking works Hypnosis is essentially a state of deep relaxation., it is also known as the hypnotic trance state. When you are under hypnosis the hypnotherapist puts you into this state or relaxation where your unconscious becomes more and more receptive, open for the removal or neutralising of unwanted limiting states and the insertion of positive life giving statements, suggestions and actions. This simply means the hypnotherapist makes a communication direct link with your mind to uncover root causes of behaviour and influence thinking patterns.

Characteristics are the creation and feeding of a positive or negative opinion, expression, perception, doctrinarian, programming, in most cases it is easy to pinpoint the underlying cause of a phobia and its stress on you. You may be able to easily recall a situation or event that triggered a response associated to fear or the fear itself, even the initial response. Many are unable to identify what caused the phobia, sometimes it takes time and other times it may be something requiring a deeper investigation.

Often people don’t know why they have a fear of public speaking, hypnotherapy can help. Once you begin your hypnotherapy sessions you will naturally find you will go deeper as each session unfolds, your hypnotherapist can talk to your unconscious and help to uncover what occurred and what unfolded from the result and anything that occurred and unfolded after that, research allows investigation to what contributed the event that triggered your glossophobia. Hypnosis is a management system that when looked after allows you to live your life to the fullest. Managing your life is having freedom to live it to the fullest, to grow and become your highest achievement. By taking control of your life you move beyond the past limitations. Hypnotherapy allows you to break free and live.

When the root cause is revealed you are liberated by the hypnotherapist utilising positive suggestive language and thus changing the route of your thoughts, a healthy body and life is the outcome of a healthy mind. Everything begins from a thought, manifestation begins through a though, thoughts are electrical impulses sent into the universe, as the saying like attracts like. When your hypnosis shifts you into become free you attract those and things in your life to live free and reassure you of your freedom.

Hypnosis is there to promote positive changes through thinking and a sense of calm when faced with public speaking, instead of the previous flood of negativity.

There are also self hypnosis techniques, self relaxation, visualisation, trigger point hypnosis which can be learnt within your session. Hypnosis is a life changer, many utilise it as they have seen the benefits and positive outcomes.

Self hypnosis and trigger points can be utilised before a event or situation you find yourself where you have to speak publically. As you allow hypnosis to be part of your life you realise how much you are able to achieve for a better life.