Premature ejaculation: How hypnosis can help

Hypnotherapy and Psychoneuroimmunology part 2

Premature ejaculation: How hypnosis can help

  • PE is the abbreviation for premature ejaculation as it is referred to
  • between 35-55% of men will at some point in their lives suffer at least one episode of PE
  • increases significantly if alcohol and drugs are used regularly
  • it is one of the most common and natural types of sexual issues
  • men may have or will experience in their lives once or more often

Many couples have experienced the man ejaculating with five to seven minutes upon penetration; some may even experience this within less than a minute. Severe cases may reveal ejaculation occurs within seconds of penetration. This does not happen to older men it can happen even at puberty, usually occurs around the age of forty one years old.

Causes of PE?

  • There is no solid facts to the cause of PE, there are factors to consider :
  • a hyper-sensitive penis leads to PE
  • PE may occur with the minimal of touch
  • being in the presence of someone they desire
  • a history of anxiety - anxiety can fuel PE
  • anxiety makes the body’s physiological system hyper-vigilant
  • the physiological system goes into ‘fight or flight mode
  • more anxiety experienced the more PE is likely to be evident
  • more PE means less time for body contact
  • more PE means less time for intimacy with a partner
  • PE can turn into a self-defeating behaviour

Other factors:

  • behaviour patterns which the man has habituated
  • fear due to over bearing parents
  • fear of intimacy
  • fear of parenthood
  • fears of rejection
  • fears of relationships
  • feelings of disgust
  • high achievers
  • lack of privacy or opportunity to masturbate
  • masturbating too quickly
  • perfectionism
  • situational factors
  • stress