Overcome the Impostor Syndrome

Overcome the Impostor Syndrome

Overcome and unlock it forever...

It is very often you hear or observe how many have confidence related issues that rob them of achieving their goals to the fullest and flourish into the person they are destined to be. Even if they have a track record of their achievements in their work, school, academic and sport they still lack achievement of their highest potential without boundaries. These boundaries like fear rob them of achieving better results and outcomes.

Sufferers of impostor syndrome see life differently as they view everything challenging as a make or break to prove they are worthy, it is something that can be very traumatic to them and most certainly over whelming for them and those close to them. Those who experience IS (imposter Syndrome) suffer with high levels of anxiety and anxiety related issues. As they never feel secure, they deny themselves reality and may even carry extra padding around their body as a form of protection.

Those struggling from this impostor phenomenon should not be compared or confused with those classified as having an exaggerated idea of their own self worth and over estimate their own abilities. They are within the work environment which most of us have observed in anytime throughout our careers. That suffering from IS having absolutely nothing in common with such narcissists. Impostor sufferers are genuine and are definitely reliable, competent and good at what they do. They are to be praised for their view on themselves as good people with good qualities.

There is not enough scientific evidence to prove the cause/s of IS. It is human conditioning and hard wired into the psyche to be successful one has to be the ‘real deal’. Society has unfortunately robbed people in most cases of their fullest potential, what they do not realise these hindrances allow for self examination and motivation in self empowering the individual. See it as a blessing, through knowledge of a situation arises wisdom.

Simple example key points in disabling subconscious programming that maintains the impostor syndrome:

1. Praise Yourself

The unconscious mind does not see the real to the fantasy. It is empowering to know we have the ability to empower the fantasy resulting in achieving the goal / outcome. Our brains are very visual that constantly generate imagery and emotions related to those. It is important to praise yourself as if you are praising another so you are able to achieve that activation of self manifestation.

2. Your Past Accomplishments

Keep reviewing your past accomplishments, feel it, experience it as this triggers the happy consciousness within you. Think about your accomplishments to what they represent and what manifested for further achievements. What we feel we express. Watch your videos, look at any media about your achievements and experience the power you felt then, bring in / allow yourself to experience the emotions, feeling of your successes. To acknowledge is to obtain more.

3. Visualise future moments of glory, including promotions and winning awards, feel what it would feel like to achieve more. This prepares your sub consciousness to begin to understand that is all you are prepared to accept. Shakespeare stated, 'act as you will become', this is true as a positive mindset will help bring into being what you wish.

Many leaders act this out through the help of mind advanced achievements; hypnotherapy is a power toll in achieving the infinite possibilities. A hypnotherapist is a qualified professional who is able assist you in overcoming imposter syndrome with the various techniques, make sure to ask them if they have worked on this particular issue before. As with any professional service, be discerning and take time to choose the best person for you.