Hypnotherapy and Psychoneuroimmunology part 2

Hypnotherapy and Psychoneuroimmunology part 2

  1. Psychoneuroimmunology is a specific field in the field of health psychology

  2. its focus is on the use of psychological interventions to improve a person's immune system evidence based research examines interactions between stress and the effects it has on the immune system

  3. hypnotherapy plays a very big part on boosting the immune system through the use of positive imagery

  4. hypnosis assists the brain to interact with positive life giving imagery this in combination with deep physical relaxation makes hypnotherapy a very powerful tool

Hypnotherapists are visited for many various issues ranging from personal issues, a wide range of illnesses. They are considered as a successful complementary treatment enhancing a person's ability in working with the current illness or recovering from it.

Stress is a far more life depleting consciousness and is identified as a important psychological and biological effect occurring within the body. The overall effect of this depends on the level of stress, however over a prolonged period of time may have devastating effect on the immune system. Hypnotherapy with the focus on self hypnosis most certainly assists the overall positive effect on a person's immune system.

The successful impact that physiological relaxation has on the effect of stress hormones in the body is extremely beneficial effect of reducing these stress hormones accompanied by reducing sensitivity within the person's nervous system to stress hormones. When used correctly over a long period of time this will have a very profound and long lasting effect by seeing a hypnotherapist with the aid of self hypnosis, this develops a good combination by living a better healthier life.

Hypnotherapy has a vast array of benefits, most importantly working on psychological resources, assessing the persons stress coping levels, how they handle stress, what creates less stress, what increases it, where is the comfortable happy space, what boosters assist peace of mind, management of stress and how to cope with it.

If a person has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness like cancer, HIV they will find hypnotherapy beneficial, if they are in remission and recovering they can learn hypnotherapy tools that can help supplement their current situation or programme / treatment plan. Never self diagnose and never replace a treatment over another, always seek professional advice.

This reading has only indicated a brief outline of Psychoneuroimmunology; it is advised to do an deep research about the subject matter first before making an informed decision. Hypnotherapy has the power to alter one state and birth a productive one.