Hypnosis Is it that Powerful?

Hypnosis Is it that Powerful?

Hypnosis is a very effective tool at helping you successfully reach a variety of goals.

How powerful is hypnosis?

A article by Kirsten Ritchie in The New York Times, published In April 2011, sheds some light on the subject. Kirsten Ritchie used hypnosis to heal herself after a serious surgery. Earlier that year Kirsten had a plum-sized brain tumor which she was fortunate to have removed. The surgery was it was a invasive one.

Her neurosurgeon was astonished at her fast recovery rate with the least amount of medication before and after the procedure. She recovered quickly and went home two days later which is not something that naturally happens with that level of surgery.

How is this even possible?

Prior to her surgery, Kirsten went for four hypnosis sessions. She practiced self hypnosis everyday before her surgery to address her fear of surgery.