Feed your brain and it will reward you

Feed your brain and it will reward you

If I had to ask you to give me a list of your negative experiences from your day no more than six. You would find it difficult to prioritise as there would be more than requested. These could be aggressive drivers affecting the flow of traffic having an impact on you getting to work on time. Maybe you burnt your toast, you spilt coffee on your new shirt, maybe the battery for your vehicle was flat. The list can be endless.

If we look at a list of five positive things you might struggle with that, was it difficult? Unfortunately in most cases people most often don’t feel they had a good day, an average day means issues and more negativity. Most often people can’t relate to having a good day and are unable to recall when they had a good day.

Why does this happen?

When one realises the world is changing, they understand there is still negativity that affects everyone, their lives, work, relationships. People live in fear about their safety either from a security point of view or financial or some kind of fear based system. Always remember a system can be changed and manipulated to work for you and not against you. In an environment like this it is easy to have past fears and new fears overlaid one on top of the other.

The news is mostly reporting negative topics; people are so conditioned they have begun to look forward to gossip of abusive, horrific, aggressive and violent situations. All talk about how humanity should become in order to be accepted as normality. These are subtle imprinting thus fuelling and reinforcing negativity is acceptable and should be embraced. When you keep the mind of the collective preoccupied on negativity the opportunists arise. By not being negative you simply take the role of freedom, you stand as a leader of your own life and forge forward in achieving your goals for positive outcomes.

People tend to self sabotage themselves; this makes themselves their own worst enemy. People are quick to email, text or call a friend or family to discuss their negative experience then the other side discusses their negative experiences, it becomes a whirlpool of negative charged emotions and energy. Negativity can become a habit and a dangerous one as it affects your balance and even your health. If you contact people to tell them you had a good day you may feel awkward or feel bad for them or you may feel beings perceived as arrogant, show off or egotistic.

As we utilise various parts of our brain for specific thinking we access and activate various ideas, knowledge, wisdom and experiences or thoughts of. The structure of the brain is thought to be very complex and diverse, we utilise the left prefrontal cortex when we are feeling happy. The right frontal cortex is utilised when we are feeling sad. When functioning from the prefrontal cortex we think happy thoughts and we are happy, we can be rational, logic, we are calm, collected and can cope.

The brain is flexible as we are able to change its structure and make-up depending on which areas we use the most. There was an experiment conducted by a group of neuroscientists who studied a few Buddhist monks. The reason the Buddhist monks were selected is that they are very peaceful loving people who are in this space as they practice meditation and the extensions of it accompanied with mindfulness. Mindfulness is a very powerful activity as it breeds positivity and well being. After the monks were subjected to brain scans of their left prefrontal cortex it was revealed that it was bigger than the average person. This reveals that the repeated use of their positive part of their brain was stronger. This proves being positive reveals that the brain will always choose to do what is the easiest and therefore more developed. Their positive mind set is their default setting; a happy mind is an enlightened mind.

The positive way to look at all this, is there are ways to heal, to uplift, to empower yourself, to become a better version of your former self. By activating, embracing, awaken the positive light side of you, you are allowing acceptance and change to elevate you. Remember 90% realisation means 90% healing; the 10% is just action to get you to move and become what you desire to be. It is always easier to understand something when you understand the possibilities are endless.

You might be saying it is easier said than done, there are easier ways to retrain your mind / brain for positivity:

  1. Identify what makes you happy, smile, feel good, feel relaxed, your favourite movie or song, think of the funny silly things that have made you laugh at being silly or laughed at yourself. These may seem small or you may feel they not really that meaningful, what these do is send activity within the happy area in your brain. As the saying goes, “laugh at yourself and you laugh at the world.”

  2. The easiest way to start is by getting a book, app, something you can record on and record all the good things that have happened to you during the day, make this a habit. This allows the happy chemicals to be released in your brain by moving you into your left prefrontal cortex resulting in finding your happy place!

  3. Refrain from asking people how they are and ask them what has been good in their day / week. Asking someone how they are opens the way for them to talk about the things that negatively affected. When you ask them what has been good for you they move into a good happy space and encourages good happy talk, this initiates the happy thought patterns, something that should be part of everyday family talk especially with children.

  4. To begin a happy day start by initiating a happy action, play your favourite song, sing it, and dance to it. Think of a happy time and feel it, experience it, list all the good things you looking forward to the day i.e. a good cup of coffee, meal, ride, trip, movie, journey, seeing your favourite crush, talking to your friend/s on the bus or train, something you look forward to doing.

  5. hypnotherapy is a life line, it is one of the most amazing, wonderful and fantastic way to encourage and activate positive thoughts for positive outcomes. From the above reading you are able to get a glimpse of what thoughts can do; a thought can make you feel unstable, guilty, sad, fearful, fear of fear.

  6. The positive thoughts are what give life, positivity is alive, you can achieve greatness from being positive, you evolve. If you struggle to think positively consider hypnotherapy, often people overlook it. The first session is the organisation of paving the way for greater things, if you have had a negative mind set for most of your life, it will take more than one session to achieve your goals. Each session takes you closer to achieving the next goal, be positive the answers always come to you when you are working within your own integrity.

  7. Positive thinking creates positive outcomes; positive thinking are life giving and they transform your life and yourself in many ways than anticipated. Positiveness breeds positive attraction and positive outcomes, positivity is far easier to maintain than understood or believed. Love is the manifestation of positive charged states of existence. Positivity evolves you and you see the positives in what life presents you with. Never underestimate the positive consciousness, it is superior over the opposite, positivity is your birthright, claim it, and allow it to consume you you have nothing to fear. Being positive allows you to be happier and less prone to anxiety, using the negative parts of your brain, you will no longer need to allow or utilise the negative part of your brain to be your default setting.