Dr Johns Systems & Solutions

Dr Johns Systems & Solutions

Offers unique proven results in developing body, mind and spirit. At the forefront is Dr John Souglides Ph.D. who diverse in mastery of various modalities of body-mind-spirit un-taping, including various traditional martial arts and chi-qung systems.

Since the 80’s Dr John has been actively involved self development, empowering, coaching, mentoring and guiding men, women and children in attaining their goals. He implements his diverse knowledge and wisdom in designing systems unique to each individual’s development. His techniques are also implemented within groups, professional, companies and team building developmental structures.

The Mind is the Infinite Mind which everyone has, through accessing Mind one is able to achieve all the wisdom they require to deal with presently or in the future. When you is able to tap into their Mind, the conscious mind is able to utilise the skills and gifts in achieving your life purpose, personal development, access to abilities in any form or type of study at educational pursuits or even in sport.

Dr Johns Systems & Solutions priority, for our members and clients in attaining their goals, health, wealth, prosperity and joy in knowing they are winners.

Dr Johns Systems & Solutions priority is constantly researching and developing processes to enhance the experience of all our clients for expanded growth and development in their lives.

Through experience we are able to understand your needs and offer you professional and superior services locally or abroad. Together we move past your restrictions and limitations, to emerge greater than your former self.