Dissociation – your protector

Dissociation - your protector

Dissociation: Your mind protects you against traumatic stress

Dissociation occurs when you see yourself different to the world, different in the sense you are disconnected and feel as if the dynamic between yourself and the rest on and within the world are like chalk and cheese, the feeling of unreality and disconnection.

The feeling of dissociation is perfectly normal and a natural phenomenon that everyone experiences from time to time to some degree. An example of this dissociation, while travelling to a place you are familiar with, suddenly you forget a portion of the trip, not remembering your favourite recipe or all the ingredients. The other side of dissociation is when you are so overwhelmed by a situation or event you are experiencing that you “switch off”. This results from trauma or an accumulation of prolonged stress; this may result in the following:

  • behave irrational
  • disconnected from their body and or mind and or emotions in some way
  • emotionally numb
  • episodes of amnesia or partial amnesia
  • experience flashbacks
  • feel a sense of unreality
  • feeling “spaced out”
  • like they’re on the outside looking in
  • perceive time differently
  • physically numb

Most of the time due to your life style you may not be aware you are overwhelmed. The reason for this is the primitive part of our brains is designed with the focus to protect you therefore it hides this information as it stops you from feeling and distances you from your body and reduces your perception.

How does this all happen?

It is becoming more accepted that dissociation may be very well associated with the brain’s primitive reaction referred to as, fight and flight responses. It seems this is the mind’s way of attempting to escape when the “flight” is not an option, or when the response of emotions are its all too much.

Dissociation can be classified from various degrees of mild to severe. Approximately 75% of people in their lives will experience a variation of dissociation following trauma. Most of these symptoms will generally ease on their own within a couple of few weeks. Those who suffer with anxiety, chronic stress, depression, bereavement or sever fear or guilt often report moderate to intense experience of dissociation.

Dissociative disorders

When it becomes severe it can develop into a dissociative disorder requiring professional mental health support.

Getting help is easier

If you are concerned that you may have been or still are experiencing dissociation, your seek professional advice to make a proper assessment of your symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is the solution for stress and trauma

Solution focused hypnotherapy is very effective as it helps people in ways medicine is unable to assist as it resolves emotional charged trauma and manages stress efficiently. Hypnotherapy is very safe as it provides you with successful positive processes combining psychotherapy with the power of hypnosis. It gifts you with the opportunity in getting where you want to get, you achieve your goals and more, helps you, empowers you and elevates you, it is life giving, its aims are to help you:

  • calms your mind’s reactions to stress
  • calms your body's reactions to stress
  • creates a more positive perspective
  • you'll be more resilient to stressful situations
  • empowers you in your future
  • you feel more confident
  • you are in control so you can get on with living a happier and healthier life

Stress and trauma self-help

  • Examples of self help:
  • calming breathing techniques are important
  • gentle exercise, e.g. yoga, tai-chi, moving meditation, laughter classes
  • if your anxiety increases - count trees, toothpicks, houses, colours, objects in the room or whatever else is around you to side track you
  • make a list and remind yourself as often as you can of all the good things in life and what you’re grateful for
  • meditation
  • set aside time each day for relaxation and fun
  • spend time with friends and family that energise you or make you feel happy