Cure overspending the easiest steps

Cure overspending the easiest steps

Cure overspending the easiest steps

It is common in these times where people have issues around money; the amount of debt has increased over the last decade. Many more people and families are displaced or living in poverty this can be lessened or prevented when there is an understanding in management systems in quick easy steps.

When you have a deeper understanding of your life and how certain systems function you have insight and you are able to apply your knowledge and wisdom in achieving success with limited or no resources. When we live from our understanding – wisdom, we live with joy.

Problems with money are often related to emotional issues accompanied by economic ones. The rising cost of living, added pressure to consume is partly to blame.

Two sides of the same

  1. the compulsive spending assisted bt the plastic monetary system called a credit card, it has a scary debt burden

  2. the other is the thought of parting with money, this also happens to people who have lots of it. They will dress moderately, wear clothes that are old, falling apart, have holes in them, struggle to give full heartedly, eat food that is expired or pay for the cheapest meal, they even struggle to purchase a gift for someone close as they will always check the pricing and try get a better deal. As a hypnotherapist, these two issues are directly and indirectly connected.

Why money affects emotions?

Society has been brainwashed in accepting and allowing a belief system that money matters, it has cleverly enforced a belief system within a belief system construct that money matters as it represents your acceptance within society. This leads to the cosmetics of feeding the false illusions of false ego, false confidence, false approval, false feeding and false empowering.

By 'treating' yourselves to expensive unnecessary smart clothes, luxuries, top of the range beauty products when the shelves and racks of cupboards are already bursting, we may attempt to fill the gap of a childhood where perhaps you felt unloved or did not receive enough attention. On an unconscious level you simply need to buy yourselves love, the love you seek is not purchased over the counter.

There is also another side to this, you may have a bank balance that is full and exciting to observe its performance, you may find it hard to nurture yourself with good food, trendy clothing, new modern shoes, take that prize vacation or even replace the worn out mattress. This can be a early experience from a tender age where you felt there was not enough to go around, you were refused or had no access to quality, hand me downs were regular, you were not worth being loved or cared for. The old perceptions or conditioning attracts self criticism and a magnet for it. An ingrained perception can have negative repercussions not only for you, also for generations to come.

Parents are not always to blame, it may be something from another space in time within the psyche that evolves the perception or belief system so deeply ingrained the vicious circle continuous to run circles around you with no realisation it exists. Most of those you with money problems had parents who were very loving and affectionate, caring, supportive, caring and unselfish, but the parental capacity to be fully nurturing is affected by many factors and not limited to ill health, bad decisions, missed opportunities, poverty or just sheer bad luck.

Some experiences may be so ingrained within you that they rule you, they possess you, deprive you, rob you and rule you, this does not need to be so, by breaking out of the matrix or construct of limitation you become comfortable and feel safe with money, it is neither your god or the opposite.

Here are some tips :

  1. use cash rather than cards

  2. as the unconscious mind thinks literally paying with cash has an amazing effect on it

  3. carrying cash empowers you

  4. in the olden days cash, gold and wealth was carried, stored in the house hold

  5. no touch or feel to money makes one feel it is limited

  6. wealthy is measured by what your unconscious sees not by what is written about it i.e. bank balance, statement just like when you buy a classy car you see it you feel it you understand it is richness

  7. feed your power to your unconscious mind and you will consciously experience wealth

There is a psychological charge when one:

  • sees money
  • is able to physically count it
  • feel the texture of it
  • observe the colours and shades even the patterns on it
  • feel its weight even the bulging notes
  • we unconsciously want to preserve it

There is also the connection with it:

  1. what we would do with it if we had excess amounts

  2. what is required to get it i.e. hard work

  3. what we are getting for it

  4. the impact in our lives

Physical cash as opposed to virtual money

It is a wakeup call and a reality check when we use the actual physical cash rather than 'virtual' money. The reason is simple when we have physical cash it is valued more, you are going to going to be mindful in buying now and regret later.

Appreciation is nurturing

  1. commit in doing something for yourself each day which does not involve a purchase

  2. self nurturing is first prize, it gifts you with many bonuses, often over looked

  3. don’t spend too much time thinking about self nurturing, be spontaneous and remember it does not need to cost you anything, be mindful

  4. a new habit should be one that feeds you not the pocket of others

  5. listen to music that enlivens and enlightens your mood and spirit

  6. dance like there is no tomorrow

  7. read books you loved even the ones from your childhood

  8. watch the sun rise

  9. watch the sun set

This is a powerful and gentle approach telling your subconscious mind you are able to achieve success through yourself and feeding your soul does not always require monetary value, you achieve your happiness with yourself and open to nurturing.

Through joy comes inherent wisdom and happiness, when we live life we experience joy and express our joy, joy is our birthright and life is joyful when you are joy.

Good money routines, good money habits

  • create a day per month schedule
  • the schedule is about getting on top of the money obstacle, hill, and mountain
  • do it simply, efficiently, effectively and step by step
  • make paying bills a pleasant approach
  • check your bank statements also in a pleasant approach
  • listen to light hearted music or radio station programme in the background

All these will create the positive associations in your unconscious mind, resulting in when you checking your finances is naturally a neutral charged state and one that is restful. This allows the subconscious mind to allow the financial aspects in your life to be pleasant and a magnet for calmness thus subtly enabling you to face money facts, instead of becoming emotionally charged with negativity with anger associated issues arising. By this approach you simply eliminate any problems associated to money associations and reviews and you will find you save yourself alot of money over the year.

Your investment is your success

Saving is a wonderful and wiser habit to get into it, taking it to the next level is rewarding and benefits you presently and your future. Opening a savings account and putting as much as you can afford each month, small amounts add up in the long term becoming large amounts.

As you save your investment begins to gain interest for you, this means you are given money for saving money, your money works for you. A good way to start is naming your savings account as this positively impacts you unconsciously every time you look at it. Begin to acknowledge and embrace the term, 'Security for my future' this has a profound and very powerful to the mind than utilising the word / consciousness 'savings.'

Still bothered?

If you feel your world is coming to an end, your problems with finances / money are still a concern for you, there is a solution, there is always a solution to a problem, why not consider consulting a hypnotherapist?

A couple of sessions with a professional hypnotherapist will certainly invoke change and you will experience transformation within you, when you transform your inner world your outer world transforms with you. Hypnosis is about manifesting through visualisations through various techniques accompanied by other psychological techniques enhancing your success by getting you out of that destructive rut even faster.

Our techniques vary according to your requirements and desires for your success, Dr John is a pioneer in self improvement and success with his style of hypnosis.