Changes from within allows your life on the outside to flourish

Changes from within allows your life on the outside to flourish

When you are fearful you should not view it as you must go out there and be courageous and challenge everything. Lacking confidence does not mean you should relax and feel more confident. Being sad does not mean you should attempt to feel happier. Deep within our being, your core you know the answers already as your subconscious knows wisdom. The truth is these negative charged emotions can be overwhelming to live and experience them as they do not feel safe as they may not feel natural to simply let go and let God.

When fearful, it isn’t enough to courageous. When lacking confidence, it isn’t enough to tell you you should just relax, feel more confident, or just you. When sad, it isn’t enough to tell you you need to change your thinking to feel happier. It isn’t enough because actually, deep down you know that already. The difficulty is these adjustments don’t feel safe – you don’t feel safe to simply just let go of these protective feelings, the current situation and these circumstances to allow you to feel better - courageous, happy, confident or optimistic.

All unnatural behaviours i.e. anger, agitation, substance abuse, addiction develop from a deeper level response from a cause. This cause can be from an overdrive of an emotional shock, trauma, fear based. The person may take up another character personality type or trait to try and escape from the suppressed emotional and mental pain. The change in personal behaviour is a possible indicator of the pain the person is feeling without consciously realising it. They pursue avenues and experiences in their lives that seem to give them and escape or gets their mind into an altered state to forget the pain.

To access the deeper subconscious mind we utilise hypnosis, this deep state of consciousness allows it to protect us, support and gift us with much by sheltering us from harm. The deeper aspect of our subconscious mind is infinite.

In order to feel and experience being happy, courageous, optimistic or confident, any of the changes we make within our thinking processes, emotions and even our behaviour must be ones where we feel safer than the previous ways being presently utilised. Any changes one makes in their lives must make them feel a purpose is being fulfilled and one feels safe, happy and at ease allowing one to feel better.

When working with the subconscious mind we show it on a deeper profound level more effective ways to feel and be safe and secure, this is initiated by implementing the desired changes on a conscious level. In so doing we are able to easily and successfully create the profound and empowering changes we want and rightfully deserve. We need to identify the reason why the feelings and requirements are in feeling happy, courageous, confident, optimistic, joy and confident is safer and beneficial. We indicate and reveal the truth, fear and fearing is not keeping us safe, it is undesirable, and life depriving, damaging to our health and draining our resources and opportunities in self empowerment.

Once we realise what is required for us to do and act on and why, then we have the opportunity to open up to new ways of how to succeed. We create and co-create the vision of the end result and how to achieve this, how it looks and feels. We realise instead of using the old ways of focusing on what we don’t want, we initiate what it is we do want, the optimistic arises naturally. The natural process of positive thinking and positive goal setting is enhanced in the relaxed states of awareness accessed and utilised in hypnotherapy.