Accomplish Your Goals

Accomplish Your Goals

“Your mind is so powerful it can move mountains”, this is true, think about it. What may seem impossible is possible. Thoughts are consciousness, if you are able to achieve amazing feats through the power of Mind, then why limit yourself.

The ancients knew very well how to use their minds, then mankind became lazy and lost their ability to create and co-create. If mind power can overrule pain, trauma, and shock can you imagine if you utilise it as a collective in your Mind (subconscious) and mind (conscious).

Utilising your mind to heal itself or even reduce the need for drugs, this happens when areas of the brain are shutdown for pain relief, need for substance abuse, sky’s the limit when using Mind to achieve your goals.

All that is required is your realisation (90%) and your action (10%) to achieve your goals. By finding the correct “programming / conditioning” we are able to over ride the initial belief systems that created your limitation in the first place.

What we experience on the outside is what is deep within us that limits us, these limitations are programmes / consciousness we have accepted voluntary or involuntary to be truth, these are limitations affecting relationships with self or others, career, personality traits, lows and highs, financial limitations, depression, weight gain, weight loss, addictions, self abusive behaviour/s, immaturity, lack of wisdom to mention a few.

As society is negatively conditioned, they believe in doom and gloom, if they get to that they achieve that, if they could only get this they have that. If the amount of energy used to reaffirm you have to suffer was channelled to your goals you would achieve them faster than you realise.

What hypnosis programming / conditioning does is remove the negative effects / expectations / ingrained and replace them with the outcome from an elevated consciousness from your inherent wisdom. Believe you are fat and overweight and all you are doing is reaffirming you want to stay that way.

There may be other factors related to weight gain or weight loss, these are identified within the consultation and sessions. As you begin your journey forward in empowering yourself with hypnosis specifc to weight loss or weight gain you realise the issues that were holding you back.

Once a particular issue or group of issues / programming / conditioning are addressed other aspects in your life you perhaps never thought of are shifted out and you more empowered from one issue you thought you either never had or had no connection to the reason you went in the first place.

Hypnosis is unlimited, what one brings relief to one may bring relief to others. The abuser is assisted through hypnosis for their conditioning / programming. The family benefit from their hypnosis. As you help yourself overcome obstacles those close to you benefit.

The most important thing you could ever do for yourself is empower yourself through acknowledging and implementing a plan of action and see it through. Abusive people are not abusing other cos they enjoy it, they abusing others cos they are screaming out for help, for love, for healing. When they seek the hypnosis path and stick to it they evolve as they realise what the underling conditioning/s are. Abuse breeds abuse, crime breeds crime, emotional disorders breeds the same, by finding the core issue we resolve other aspects steaming from that.

Hypnosis is a tool that has often been underestimated by many. Society is changing, they realise medication works to a point as it is a physical thing. Consciousness is infinite as it goes beyond the physical. Be open to conscious and subconscious power, it is the universe within the universes which has the ability to transform your life into being the greatest asset, You.